• Monitor server availability from your phone's home screen
  • Check the status of multiple servers on one screen
  • Monitor the availability of any TCP or UDP service
  • Check system statistics with PHPSysInfo

Monitor Server Availability From Your Phone

With Server Pulse, you can monitor the status and availability of your website and many Internet services, including FTP, e-mail, DNS, or any other TCP/UDP service. Server Pulse makes it easy to check the status of these services as well as overall system health, including memory usage, sytem load, and disk usage.

Server Pulse can monitor your servers in the background and alert you if any services become unavailable. Pin a server to your phone's home screen to monitor its status via a live tile, or enable toast notifications to receive an audible alert if your server goes down. When system info is configured, the current system load, memory usage, and uptime will be displayed on the back of the tile.

Detailed Service Status

Choose from a list of common services or add any custom TCP or UDP service to monitor. Server Pulse will attempt to connect on the selected ports and alert you if any are unavailable.

Service autodetection makes setting up a new server for monitoring extremely simple. Just tap the autodetect button and Server Pulse will automatically determine which services are available on your server.

Monitor System Info

Keep track of vital system statistics, including load averages, memory usage, uptime, and disk usage. Server Pulse retrieves system data from PHPSysInfo, a free PHP script that works with most distributions of Linux, Unix, and Windows.

See how to set up PHPSysInfo »

Quick Check

Just need to check a server without saving it? Swipe over to the Quick Check page and enter the server's hostname or IP address. Server Pulse will probe the status of common services to check their availability.

Domain and IP Whois

Querying additional information about domain names and IP addresses is made simple with built-in whois lookups. Server Pulse automatically determines the geographic location of your server and can retrieve whois data for most domain names and IP addresses.